Articles | Volume 44, issue 3
10 Oct 2001
 | 10 Oct 2001

Effect of leptin gene polymorphism on growth and carcass traits in pigs (short communication)

H. Kulig, W. Grzesiak, and I. Szatkowska

Abstract. The polymorphism of the porcine leptin gene and its relation with some Performance traits (body weight, average daily gains, lean meat content) were analysed in 131 sows of Polish Landrace. The frequencies of detected genotypes TT, TC and CC were 0.763, 0.222 and 0.015 respectively. The estimated frequencies of alleles were 0.874 for allele T and 0,126 for allele C. Lean meat content and average daily gains in TC pigs were statistically significantly higher then those of TT individuals. No statistically significant differences in body weight were found among sows of the above genotypes.