Articles | Volume 44, issue 3
10 Oct 2001
 | 10 Oct 2001

Zum Einfluss des Wachstums und der Seitenspeckdicke auf die Fruchtbarkeits- und Aufzuchtleistung von Jungsauen – 2. Mitteilung: Beziehungen zwischen den Merkmalen und Diskussion

A. John, M. Wähner, and C. Hoffmeyer

Abstract. Title of the paper: Influence of growth and side fat thickness on reproduction and rearing performance of gilts. II Relations between characteristics and discussion
Influence of growth and side fat thickness on reproduction and breeding performance were analysed in two piglet farms with gilts of Leicoma (farm B) and German Landrace (farm M). Parameters body weight and side fat thickness measured to selection (180. living day) and insemination (236. day farm B; 242 day farm M), body weight gain, pregnancy rate and appropriated boars were correlated. Whereas the race resp. farm differences of growth phases burn to selection and selection to insemination and side fat thickness were highest significantly, the results of reproduction and breeding performance were not different. Significant influences of growth intensity and side fat thickness within the basic groups of farms were only sporadically, however it was not identifiable any trend. The side fat dynamic from selection till insemination had a significant positive influence on litter size, the side fat thickness to the date of insemination showed a positive correlation to pregnancy rate in both farms.