Articles | Volume 44, issue 2
10 Oct 2001
 | 10 Oct 2001

Farbhelligkeit L*, Hämpigment- und Eisengehalt im Musculus longissimus dorsi bei Thüringer Schweineherkünften

W. Reichardt, S. Müller, and M. Leiterer

Abstract. Title of the paper: Colour brightness L*, haem pigment and iron content in the musculus longissimus dorsi at Thuringian pig origins
To the Identification of the Situation at the meat quality trait „meat colour" were the colour brightness L*, the reflection spectrum between 400 and 750 nm, the haem pigment content and the iron content at the musculus longissimus dorsi of 278 pigs from the Thuringian Performance testing center determined. While at the colour brightness L* measuring 24 h post mortem 90 % of the animals corresponded to the quality requirements at intact muscles the same samples of minced meat measuring 25 h post mortem presented a lower level of colour brightness L* predominantly. The haem pigment as well as the iron content (n = 104) showed means average values (1,06 mg/g resp. 4,18 mg/kg) which were too low in comparison with bibliographical references.The reflection at 525 nm was correlated with R = 0.7 to the extractive determined haem pigment content,