Articles | Volume 44, issue 2
10 Oct 2001
 | 10 Oct 2001

Zum Einfluss des Wachstums und der Seitenspeckdicke auf die Fruchtbarkeits- und Aufzuchtleistung von Jungsauen – 1. Mitteilung: Vergleich der Merkmale Wachstum, Seitenspeckdicke, Fruchtbarkeit und Aufzuchtleistungen

M. Wähner, A. John, and C. Hoffmeyer

Abstract. Title of the paper: Influence of growth and side fat thickness on reproduction and rearing performance of gilts. I. Comparison of characteristics growth, side fat thickness and reproduction performances
Studies were executed in two breeding farms with gilts of Leicoma (farm B) and German Landrace (farm M). The influence of growth and side fat thickness on reproduction and breeding Performance was analysed. Date of birth, body weight and side fat thickness measured to selection (180. Living day) and insemination (236. day farm B; 242. day farm M) also pregnancy rate and appropriated boars were recorded. The Statistical analyses of reproduction (total bom piglets, live born piglets) and of rearing Performance (raised piglets) of first litter based on body weight gains till selection clustered in 3 basic groups per farm. In a following paper the relations between the characteristics will be described and discussed summary.