Articles | Volume 44, issue 1
10 Oct 2001
 | 10 Oct 2001

Zusammenhänge zwischen der somatischen Zeitzahl und einigen eutermorphologischen Eigenschaften

L. Gulyas and J. Ivancsics

Abstract. Title of the paper: Relationship between the somatic cell count and certain udder-morphologic traits
The authors carried out their udder-morphologic (the shape, hanging (up) and depth of udder; the length and diameter of teats and the space between them; the length of ductus papillaris) research in a high blood-share black-spotted Holstein-Friesian (R3-R4) cow population in a West Hungarian large dairy farm with a stock of 500 cows,

The results of examinations carried out by groups offspring draw the attention to the close correlation (r = 0.62–0.88) between certain udder-morphologic traits and the pigmentation of teats as well as between the values of somatic cell count.

Furthermore, the authors observed that there is also a close correlation (r = −0.58–−0.89 between the length of teat duct (ductus papillaris) and the values of somatic cell count.

All biological characteristics (udder-morphologic, pigmentation of teats, length of ductus papillaris) together with those influencing somatic cell count are to be taken into account in the selection work having the aim of decreasing somatic cell count.