Articles | Volume 43, issue 1
10 Oct 2000
 | 10 Oct 2000

The influence of MgSO4, race and mating pattern on the concentration of some lipids in rabbit organs (short communication)

J. Klusek, A. Kolataj, and G. Swiderska-Kolacz

Abstract. The study was performed on New Zealand White breed and Black Bay breed rabbits. The 70 – and 140 – day old inbred and random rabbits were killed in the classical method by the breaking of the spinal cord (streng blow). The 180-day old individuals in the first subgroup were killed similary by the breaking of the spinal cord, and in the second subgroup by injection of 2 ml/kg b.w. 10% Solution MgSO4 to their ear vein. The liver, kidney muscle and blood serum of the 70-day old inbred rabbits showed lower level of total lipids and triglycerides in comparison with the random mated animals. MgSO4 administration decreased the level of total lipids in the liver and kidney of random BB individuals. MgSO4 injection decreased the triglyceride concentration in the liver of random rabbits and in the muscle, blood serum of inbred New Zealand animals. It decreased the level of cholesterol in the kidney and muscle of NZ rabbits and in the blood serum of the random and inbred BB animals.