Articles | Volume 43, issue 6
10 Oct 2000
 | 10 Oct 2000

Die Wirkung von psychischem Streß auf das Immunsystem. Ein weiterer Grund für tiergerechte Haltung (Übersichtsreferat)

M. Tuchscherer and G. Manteuffel

Abstract. Title of the paper: The effect of psycho stress on the immune System. Another reason for pursuing animal welfare (Review)
Stress can be seen as the body's most important and complex reaction to ensure survival. Thus, stress must be considered a fundamentally positive type of adaptive reaction and concepts of stress have to be integral parts in considering animal well-being.

It is widely recognized that acute and chronic stress have an impact on the neuroendocrine and immune system, the latter being of special interest with respect to health and welfare of animals.

This review intends to provide an integrative approach to the complex relationships between stress, behaviour, neuroendocrine and immune system of farm animals. Physiological mechanisms that mediate the effects of stress on immune function including basic mechanisms of neuroendocrine-immune network and principles of immuno-modulation are presented and discussed in consideration of their practical impact for livestock production.