Articles | Volume 43, issue 2
10 Oct 2000
 | 10 Oct 2000

Mast- und Schlachtleistung sowie Fleisch- und Fettqualität von Piarain-Schweinen unterschiedlichen MHS-Genoryps und Geschlechts – 1. Mitteilung: Mast- und Schlachtleistung sowie Fleischqualität

G. Biedermann, C. Jatsch, W. Peschke, J.-P. Lindner, and W. Wittmann

Abstract. Title of the Paper: Fattening and carcass Performance and meat- and fat quality of Pietrain pigs of different MHS-genotype and sex. I. Fattening and carcass Performance and meat quality
For the purpose of the comparison of the fattening and carcass Performance and meat quality of different MHS-genotypes and sexes of the Pietrain race 60 fattening pigs with equal numbers of the three MHS-genotypes (NN, Np, pp) and both sexes (castrates, gilts) had been gone in the fattening and carcass Performance testing of a litter testing Station. The animals had been fattened from 30 to 105 kg.

With decreasing presence of the stress allele p (pp > Np > NN) as well in the castrates compared with the gilts there could be shown increasing growth rates combined with decreasing feed conversion, decreasing carcass quality that is higher degree of fatness and lower lean meat content of the carcass, more advantageous meat quality and a higher intramusculare fat content.

Aecording to the results a general selection for stress-resistance of the Pietrain race is recommended