Articles | Volume 42, issue 4
10 Oct 1999
 | 10 Oct 1999

Survey of ß-Lactoglobulin and αS1-Casein polimorpbisms in Hungarian dairy sheep breeds and crosses on DNA level (short communication)

I. Anton, A. Zsolnai, L. Fesús, S. Kukovics, and A. Molnár

Abstract. Beta-lactoglobulin (LGB) and the Welsh αS1-casein (αS1-casein D) types have been determined using PCR-RFLP tests in DNA isolated from blood samples collected from four dairy sheep breeds (Awassi, British Milk Sheep, Tsigaia, Lacaune), from Hungarian Merinos and from various crossbreeds (AwassixMerino) F1, (MerinoxLanghe) F1, (MerinoxPleven Blackhead) F1, (MerinoxPleven Blackhead ) F1x Black East Friesian). The following LGBA frequency values have been obtained: Awassi 0.3478; British Milk Sheep 0.6857; Tsigaia 0.5650; Lacaune 0.4730; Hungarian Merino 0.6767; (Awassix Merino) F1 0.4694; (MerinoxLanghe) F1 0.7777; (MerinoxPleven Blackhead) F1 0.5945; (MerinoxPleven Blackhead) F1 x Black East Friesian 0.6026.

The Welsh αS1-casein variant was found in the Hungarian Merino breed only (4 homozygous and 16 heterozygous ewes). Plans for studies on the possible effects of these milk protein types, on milk yield and composition as well as on cheese making properties ofmilk and cheese yields are outlined.