Articles | Volume 42, issue 4
10 Oct 1999
 | 10 Oct 1999

Vergleich von Cholesterinparametern im Blut von Schweinen, Kaninchen und Mäusen

H. Falkenberg, G. Kuhn, M. Langhammer, U. Renne, and H. Redel

Abstract. Title ofthe paper: Comparison of blood cholesterol traits in pigs, rabbits and mice
Concentrations of total cholesterol as well as high density lipoproteins cholesterol and low density lipoproteins + very low density lipoproteins cholesterol were determined in the blood plasma of 434 pigs, 132 rabbits and 1096 mice. respectively. In all three species blood cholesterol concentration was dependent from species and sex. The lowest concentration was found in rabbits. In pigs the level of cholesterol decreased with increasing body weight. It could be shown that genetic influences like long term selection for different goals in mice varied the concentration of the different cholesterol traits and the correlations between them.